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Service A

General servicing of the Aircon Fancoils and Condensers.

Service B

Chemical cleaning for Aircon Fancoils and Condensers.

Service C

Repairing, Maintenance and Installation of aircon unit.

Our Yearly Package Pricing

Number of Fancoils 4X Yearly 6X Yearly BEST DEAL 3X Servicing + 1X Chem Overhaul
2 Fancoils $200 ($25/units) $288 ($24/units) $364
3 Fancoils $276 ($23/units) $396 ($22/units) $528
4 Fancoils $336 ($21/units) $480 ($20/units) $680
5 Fancoils $380 ($19/units) $540 ($18/units) $820
6 Fancoils $420 ($17.5/units) $612 ($17/units) $966

For 7 Fancoils or above please contact us for quotations
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At Airconboy Engineering, we have specialized in the provision of repair, maintenance and even cleaning services for all types of air conditioning systems.

With everyday use, our machines are oftentimes overworked and not always at their tip-top condition. Some parts may get stiff, worn out, or simply non-functional. Minor problems such as a loose part can eventually lead to big damages when not attended to. This is why a regular scheduled maintenance is needed - to make sure that your air conditioning is always working at its best capacity. When unused for long periods of time without maintenance, this will also increase in energy use – causing your electricity bills to go way higher than normal.

Airconboy Engineering provides top quality services paired with skilled technicians, to make sure that your machines are always functional and energy-efficient. Aside from overall cleaning and maintenance, our services include:

- Using safe chemicals to clean delicate filters thoroughly
- Check evaporator coil, drainage tray, frion, etc.
- Vacuum drainage system
- Attend to parts that need lubrication

*Licensed Aircon Company in Singapore
Registration No: 201914766D

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